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CBD Beauty Skincare and Anti-Aging Facts

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The Good 

Skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ, but it is also nature’s effective three layer barrier against harmful UV rays, chemicals, toxins, bacteria, cold and moisture loss. 

The Bad 

Throughout your life, your skin must stand up to many forms of abuse. Unfortunately over time this leads to a decline in its natural ability to replenish and recover against aging and environmental factors! Your skin’s barrier normally provides protection against penetration and absorption of harmful chemicals and exposure, but the effectiveness of this process continues to weaken as you age.

Large corporate skin care companies spend millions on marketing to get you to believe that their wellness and anti-aging products are safe and effective, side-stepping regulations as much as they can. But, these products do not necessarily go through rigorous and verified third party, full-panel, certified testing to prove safety, not in the way you’d hope!

Consider the fact that many of these products once thought as safe are being discovered every day as being toxic in many ways (e.g. the recent instances of cancerous baby powder recall and widespread cancer-causing sun screen problems brought to light). Scary!

The majority of these corporate skincare companies use unnatural synthetic carriers that will penetrate the upper layer of skin, the stratum cernuum, to deliver more chemicals to be absorbed into the second layer of your skin (epidermis) EPI. 

These synthetic carriers are problematic because they often alter the skin’s natural methods of protection. They deliver hazardous chemicals to be absorbed in the epidermis and then your blood stream. What chemicals are being transmitted into your skin, then blood stream and then to the rest of your body? These companies don’t even HAVE to tell you… and that should terrify you. Unknown, untested, unregulated chemicals being absorbed through your skin, with repeated instances of toxic chemicals being found in formerly “safe” skincare products. This should terrify you.

Have you ever wondered why your skin seems to crave more and more of the large corporate skincare products after using them? Is this intentional? That product promising moisturizing results? It only feels like it’s providing moisture, but the harsh synthetic chemicals in the product instead dry out your skin, or just coat your outer layer of skin. This means you continue the cycle of needing more of that product, over and over. It’s a clear sign that your skin care regiment needs a natural, safe and effective natural alternative.

The Truth 

Beware of complex and likely toxic synthetic chemical combinations. Forget the latest fads! Luckily, third-party testing and studies have started to reveal the nasty truth behind the large corporate skincare products… 

Recent scientific studies have also shown that Mother Nature herself provides safe, natural and effective botanicals that penetrate, repair, replenish and restore your skin!

Science has proven that a handful of simple, natural products are extremely effective at safely delivering proven natural nutrients that deliver anti-aging and skin replenishing benefits. Check out this study at the National Institutes of Health: Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Skin Health and Disorders

Your search for a natural skincare product that is a proven CBD anti-aging solution can now end: you’ve found Azure Botanics Opulent Beauty Oil. Your skin will glow and rejoice with this unique and powerfully potent, pure, all natural botanical, replenishing full spectrum hemp extract (500 mg CBD+) beauty renewal oil.

At Azure Botanics we custom formulate our products by adding nature’s top five proven botanicals to create your total skin rejuvenation system. Opulent Beauty Oil offers you a simple, natural and effective alternative for your skincare regimen. 

The Solution

Your complexion will respond with a return to youthful radiance. We call it the “Opulent Beauty Oil Glow.” “The Glow” is real and you will see results quickly! It is a true natural collagen booster! Nature has given us all the the tools we need to replenish, beautify and fight the signs of aging, naturally!

Opulent Beauty Oil is fully certified free of any chemicals, heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, harmful additives or fragrances. It’s vegan with no added parabens or phthalates and is gluten-free! 

At Azure Botanics, our Opulent Beauty Oil formulation is research-based, Esthetician-formulated and has been proven effective. You are assured that our products are all natural, safe, effective and fully tested. Our professional third-party laboratory testing offers you guaranteed analysis of our all natural formulation. View certificates of analysis here.

Your trust and safety is our number one priority at Azure Botanics. Our full product testing is your assurance of safe, effective and all natural products. 

You will notice your complexion’s natural radiance, plumpness, and youthful appearance return. With the added moisture and nourishment of our CBD anti-aging, Opulent Beauty Oil you will look and feel more youthful! 

Thank you for trusting Azure Botanics as your go-to source for 100% fully-verifiable, effective natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals!

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