About Azure Botanics™

Doing things differently.
Doing things better.

We are devoted to using nature’s gifts to create pure, natural and certified, full spectrum cbd, hemp extract and botanical products for your beauty, health and wellness.

Our professionally formulated products provide quality, innovation and powerful potency with total transparency.


Joyce Zugelter,

I am a multi-cancer survivor who suffers from chronic migraines. I became interested in the benefits of “clean eating” and integrating CBD into my routine.

In researching available products, I was alarmed to find out exactly what’s allowed on the market. There are countless products manufactured in our country and imported from other countries, that are shockingly NEVER TESTED and yet still sold across the health and beauty markets throughout our country!

Knowing how hard it was for us to find a true quality product and to decipher labeling and ingredients, we were determined to do something about it. Tom and I made it our mission to bring pure, natural and totally transparent products to others in hope of helping them secure a true, tested and ethical source of full spectrum hemp extract products.

Acceptance and knowledge around the therapeutic benefits of cannabis (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Cannabinoids) has been growing expeditiously. The increasing amount of research and evidence has begun to prove how effective cannabis compounds can be on our Endocannabinoid System, with incredible potential to improve our health and wellness.

Tom and I are committed, confident, and enthusiastic that Azure Botanics™ can educate and help others naturally with the potency and pure natural power of the, Grown in the USA, botanical Hemp plant!

Tom Zugelter,

My husband, partner and best friend for 36 years, Tom is an old school gentleman of integrity, honesty and family values.

Growing up in the Caribbean, Tom was exposed to cultural natural products as local alternatives to traditional medical and wellness treatments.

Ironically, Tom started his career with Bristol Myers in the health and wellness industry. He left the corporate world to join his family in a business startup that spanned two generations and 37 successful years.

Tom has suffered from chronic cluster migraines for the past 16 years. Tom’s interest in CBD caught fire with the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018 legalizing hemp. His memories of the Caribbean cultural uses of natural plants, drove his search into historical and current CBD research. Tom was fortunate to attend a lecture by Dr. Yankel Gabet, understudy of Dr. Raphael Machoulam, the father of cannabis research.

Tom has secured a handful of trusted, verified, and FDA certified suppliers that meet our exacting standards for our exclusive formulations. “We spare no expense in third party testing” to ensure our clients safe, effective and potent products that exceed state and federal requirements.

Tom is active in professional trade associations seeking to achieve, enforce and elevate hemp safety standards.

Our Process

What Makes Us Unique

We spent countless hours researching Grown in the USA, FDA approved quality phytocannabiniod-rich hemp suppliers. Our process requires cutting-edge manufacturing of hemp. Azure Botanics™ sources the purest, most powerfully potent, certified full spectrum hemp extract CBD for our products that produce real results for individuals suffering from multiple symptoms without the psychoactive levels of THC.

Farms & Genetics

We offer the most unique strains of cannabinoid-rich hemp, that are specially bred from the medicinally high cannabidiol strains of medical cannabis. These plants with the highest CBD and lowest THC concentrations were stabilized and cross bred.

Yes, there are different types of hemp plants!

True industrial hemp identified by its tall stalks, is grown for its fibers and contains very few phytocannabinoids. Some companies use this type of hemp extract to produce their products at a cheaper price, but few will have wellness results.

Our exclusive Azure Botanics™ sources use phytocannabinoid rich hemp (PCR) plants which grow like a bush and provide a rich natural full spectrum profile of all medicinally valuable and diverse phtocannabinoids and terpenes. Minimum of 15% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

Before and after each harvest, our trusted sources test the plant material to ensure the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, mold, mildews or residual solvents. It is our verifiable promise to you that Azure Botanics™ starts with the best medicinal hemp plants to produce pure, natural and effective products for you as nature intended.

Our hemp suppliers are regulated and compliant according to the US-Farm Bill compliant programs and products conforming to the regulations of the 2014 and 2018 US Farm Bill.

Processing and Manufacturing

Our exacting formulation standards for Azure Botanics™ products require state-of-the-art extraction techniques and equipment. Our trusted extraction partners are FDA registered and meet current GMP regulations.

Azure Botanics™ requires full spectrum wide band distillation techniques. This yields high purity CBD that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original natural hemp plant.

Our full spectrum extraction means that all the cannabinoids, terpenes and trace compounds work in synergy as nature intended. This is known as the “entourage effect” that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the plants individual compounds.
We spare no expense on third party certified laboratory testing of our finished products, to insure you the trust, transparency, safety and quality that is Azure Botanics™.